Your Condominium Meeting and Why You Should Be Involved

The Dreaded Condominium Meeting

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You get a notice that your condominium association is planning to have a meeting but you shrug it off, figuring it’s going to be boring topics that you’re not interested in at all. You may decide to just let the committee handle decisions. Before deciding not to show up, you might want to consider actually going. There are a few different reasons why you should be involved in your condominium meetings.

You Should Have a Voice

You never know what kinds of topics may come up at your condominium meeting and it’s important that you have a voice. The last thing you want to happen is for something to be voted on and you find out that you don’t care for the decision that was made. Had you attended meetings, you would have had a voice as well, or another solution the committee could have voted on.

Decisions Effect You

Decisions made in a condominium meeting affect everyone; from the renters to the landlord to the owner, etc. Knowing that important decisions could be made that will affect you, don’t you think you should be a part of those decisions? You may have a unique view on a topic that’s particularly troubling to the board and can offer a great solution that keeps everyone happy. However, if you don’t go, those views will never get discussed.

Protecting Renter’s Rights

Whether you’re the owner of the condominium or the landlord, you should go to your condominium meeting even if it’s just to protect renter’s rights. While the majority of condominium boards are populated by wise, compassionate individuals, there are a few that are simply full of “condo commandos” who are bound and determined to make things go their way. When you attend the meetings you can be sure the renter’s best interests are being taken into consideration. While it may be the renter that could be adversely affected, most often its the investor owner who runs the risk of new rules hurting property values when you want to sell your property.

Specific Topics

You should know what sorts of topics are being discussed in regards to your condominium. Is there a particular stubborn problem that the board can’t seem to solve? Are the issues the regular, day to day issues that most condominiums face? It’s important to be aware of the things the committee is discussing and what they’re doing. They determine the fees and dues that are to be collected as well as what that money is spent on, from repairs to luxuries. You should have a voice and a vote when it comes to these topics and you should be aware of the issues within the committee.

Most committee meetings don’t take up a lot of time and don’t require much effort, so it’s more beneficial for you to go and stay involved than to simply allow the committee to handle it. By attending the Condominium meeting, you can be sure you have a voice and are included when important topics are discussed that affect your Condominium.

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