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Condo Rules and Regulations

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Whether you’re considering moving into a condo or you’re serving on a condo board, you may have run into what many people refer to as a “condo commando.” These are the individuals who feel as if they create all the condo bylaws, and are often so intimidating that others don’t question their reign. By understanding condo commandos, you can see why they’re not always the best enforcer of the condo bylaws.

What Exactly is a Condo Commando?

Typically, this kind of person serves on the condo board and may even be the president of the board. They have a “know it all” attitude and really leave others feeling like they have no voice in important matters. It can be difficult to deal with these types of people, but it can be done.

While excellent and dedicated condo directors can make changes for the best and can lead with a shining example, there are some that simply want everything done his or her way. The problem with this is that condo boards are created for a reason. Condo buildings are typically multi-million dollar holdings and one person with a dictator desire could put it at risk. It’s important to deal with them and ensure that everyone on the board has an equal voice and opinion in important matters including amending and interpreting the condo bylaws.

Take Action but follow your Condo Bylaws

Whether you’re on the board or you’re an owner of a condo in the unit, it’s important to take action if a condo commando is trying to take over. You can be successful if others have issues with this person as well, and they see the potential damage the individual could inflict. One great way to deal with this type of person is to create a petition asking the condo commando to resign. If they should refuse to resign, then the board should be willing to back up their petition by forcing them out of his or her position of reign.  Make sure you are checking your condo bylaws to abide by them to a “T.”

If you don’t feel as though things are bad enough for a resignation, you can create a petition for them to hear your demands.  This could include you and other homeowners presenting a united front with the board once a decision has been voted on. It could include the demand that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak and to voice his or her opinion. Simply state the demands that you’ll require if this person is to remain in his or her position of power.

By taking control of an ugly situation in your Condominium Association quickly, you can ensure that minimal damage is done under his or her power all by abiding by the condo bylaws. It’s important that board members have equal say and that important issues involve everyone.

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Know your Condo Rules and Regulations – Tips for Selling Your Florida Condominium

Condo Rules and Regulations

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Florida condominiums naturally attract many different types of people, so if you’re selling one, chances are there will be interested individuals. However, because there are so many different condos in Florida for sale, you’ll have some high competition. Renovating yourFlorida condominium before selling is a good way to ensure that you get an offer not long after listing the condo. By understanding what buyers are looking for, you can have the best chances of making the sale quickly.  Regardless what you do to the condo, it’s important to be familiar with your Condo Rules and Regulations

Maximizing the Space

One great way to make sure potential buyers really like the condo is to maximize the space as much as possible. Walls of windows are a great way to do this, because a lot of natural light is able to make its way into the condo, and it gives the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. The beautiful Florida views don’t hurt, either. Other great ways of maximizing space include adding shelf space high on walls to create additional areas for items, and to draw the eye up.  Note that most condo rules and regulations won’t allow you to enclose or convert a patio or porch to additional interior space.


Another thing you can do to ensure that you sell your Florida condominium quickly is upgrade the features in the condo. For instance, pull out the carpeting and replace it with wood laminate flooring. This is highly desirable because it’s easier to maintain and looks more polished and elegant than carpeting. Make sure you check the Condo Rules and Regulations as most condos require soundproofing. Make sure the appliances are new and full of features. Most people prefer stainless steel appliances that are energy efficient.


Bathrooms are a big selling point withFloridacondominiums. People are looking for airy, open spaces with plenty of room. Do what you can to open up the space in your bathroom. Install modern, efficient sinks and counter space in your condo’s bathrooms, and make sure the space is as open as possible. New tile in light colors can also make the space seem larger. A fresh coat of light colored paint can give the space a new, open look. Neutral is always better than bright loud colors

Custom Additions

There are a few custom additions that are simple but beautiful and will make the condo more appealing to potential buyers. Consider adding a window seat to den or living room windows, and use a neutral fabric. Other custom additions that can make the space more appealing include floor to ceiling bookshelves (if there is sufficient room), pantry space in the kitchen, window seats in the bedrooms and linen shelves in the bathroom. All of these additions are helpful but you want to make sure you are following the condo rules and regulations.

While Florida condominiums are highly sought after, it’s important to do what you can to make yours more appealing to potential buyers. By using the tips above, you can ensure that your condo has the extra something that makes potential buyers want to make a serious offer quickly.  Remember that you can always locate a copy of your condo rules and regulations often found in the condominium documents here at Florida Condo Docs.